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Nov 8, 2012 - Students are NOT permitted to bring mobile phones and/or any other ..... recognised eld test that would be suitable to assess the same tness ...

Define stress and strain for a stretched wire or elastic string. Metal. Rubber .... Rubber. Aluminum. Stress, E. 20. 30. Types of materials. Young's Modulus.

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without a microscope. ... The invention of the microscope enabled Robert Hooke, (1665) and Anton van .... Science Dictionary), your name and class on the front.

microscope zoology geology micro- zo-, zoo geo- ... in a dictionary and add the words and their definitions to your Personal. Words list at the back of the book. 1.

Use a dictionary or thesaurus if needed. 1. a powerful stink. 6. answered with arrogance .... 1. revolve. 2. geology. 3. hemisphere. 4. bisect. 5. microscope o.

A search of the unabridged dictionary will reveal many infrequently used scientific terms all having ... microscope - (skopeo - look at ) - instrument for looking at.

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