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when a call meant therefore is originated. Espe- .... tion will become more apparent from the consider- ...... answer includes a positive response ACK...

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packed layer of spherical ceramic balls distributed in an aluminium or .... suitable alloy is Aluminum Association No. .... Yield strength and Young's modulus.

m i c r o s c o p e. p h o t o g r a p h s of the s p h e r o i d a l. a g g l o m e r a t e s ... d i c " h l o r o - l. , 2, 2. - t r i f l u o r o -. e t h a n e ,. 1-f l u o r o - 1. , 2, 2.

multilayered structure involved in the former case, since in most cases at least a .... med areas of the composition remain thermally coalescible; and in that step (f) is ...... acyloin ethers, e.g., benzoin methyl and ethyl ethers, benzil dimethyl k

Documentation Searched other than Minimum Documentation ... ( A s a h i. C h e m i c a l. I n d u s t r y. Co. , L t d . ) 6 J u l y. 1987 (06. 07. 87). Page 1, l e f t.

The compounds for use in the invention are of special interest in prophylactic, .... Sabir, Bhide: "Possible Mechanism of Antidiarrheal Effect of Berbering", Indian J. Med. .... derivative, exhibits a positive inotropic action in experimental prepara

by GC/MS gave the f o l l o w i n g. r e s u l t s : ... the 500° run by GC/MS showed the f o l l o w i n g. d i s t r i - ..... T : theory or principle underlying the invention.

(GCMS), of a telecommunication satellite with on board jrij transponder (CMTP) to ... T: theory or principle underlying the invention. E: earlier patent document, ...

ionization experiments, and for conducting MS" experiments, are ... sample ions, formed during ionization of the reagent gas, from the trap (10). GC H. Filament.

GC/MS which showed the product peak to have mass/charge (m/e) 167 and a fragmentation pattern identical ..... T:theory orprinciple underlying the invention.

filtrate (passed fraction) to the MS mixture and then lyophilizing. ..... 2.6 ml of the D-lysate with the same amount of a porous cellulose gel [Cellulofine GC-200m (trade name), ..... understand the principle or theory underlying the invention.