(12) United States Patent (10) Patent No.: US 6,999,852 B2

Oct 26, 2004 - Mack, Minimally invasive and robotic surgery, 2001, Inter. This patent is subject to a .... __|_- r- I s. * ~~~. _____ _-. —>. 9 8. ~...

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Jan 31, 2002 - A coincident source Stereo speaker in accordance with the. (60) Provisional ... range components are oriented one above the other so that their respective sound ... there are typically at least two woofers that are symmetri cally arran

Mar 20, 2001 - (75) Inventors: Kenneth P. Fishkin, Redwood City, CA. (US); Beverly L. Harrison, Palo Alto,. FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS. CA (US); Carlos ...

devil is in the details”. Nature Biotech 15: 1222-1223, 1997 .... USA, vol. 84:2926-2930 (1987). Huang, Fei et al., “The Mechanisms of Differential Sensitivity to an.

Airmagnet. AirMagnet Distributed System. .... WildPackets Inc. Airopeek Wireless LAN Analyzer. .... In one embodiment, a computer-readable medium is pro.

with Standard left and right analog channels using RCA-style audio jacks. HDMI and ... What is needed is multimedia appliance that can self-adapt and configure ..... processing by an MPEG-2 AVC/VC-1 decoder or the like in the TV 102. In one ...... in

Cybex, Director Installer/User Guide, Nov. .... Rose Electronics, UltraView Installation and Operation Manual, ..... airports, coffee shops, college campuses, etc.

TV compass, “The iTV Market.” http://www.tv.compass.com/ itv market.html, printed ..... 19, the user has highlighted the score of the Brewers. Dodgers game and ...

U.S. Patent. Jul. 13, 2010. Sheet 2 of 19. US 7,753,577 B2. 3. 3. s. 1- N. -II. S. S. Y. & ... Another way to provide lighting for these tiles is to use fiber optics that are powered .... method has four components: the LED strip, a Splitter, a clear

A vandal resistant sports goal net clip, or fastener, for attaching nets to the frames of sports goals. The fasteners are difficult to remove by hand and require the ...

g s A: 3.E. Paaske et al., “High SpeedViterbi Decoder Architecture.” First ESA. EP. O 923 247 A2 6, .... Internet Wire, Sunbeam Joins Microsoft in University Plug and Play. Forum to Establish a ... Proceedings of the First NASA/DOD Workshop on Ev