(12) United States Patent (10) Patent No.: US 6,948,321 B2

Jul 31, 2003 - Goldsmid, H.J., Electronic Refrigeration, Pion Ltd., 207. Brondesbury ... Angrist, Stanley W., Direct Energy Conversion, 32 Ed. Ally. &...

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Mar 27, 2003 - ecules do not form a linear Structure in the vapor phase, Such as a siloxane .... alcohol; a C-, ether Such as diethyl ether; a C-2 aromatic.

Sep 25, 2007 - Jun. 21, 2011. Sheet 4 of 10. US 7.963,165 B2. C. Lr. C. N us. 3. Ln. O. OLTCWW ..... when a 2 in. band offiberglass adhesive tape covers the defect in the outer wall ..... (DDS), 30, having quadrature output (sine wave having a.

Traditional tattoos are applied by using needles or needle like instruments ... Consequently, traditional .... A method of producing a tattoo that is not visible to the.

Emigh et al. Rosener ................ G06F ..... beacon batteries as described, beacons in their current state are limited. ... The beacon hardware, referred to as the ACB (advanced con .... unique identifier on the mobile device, such as an advertis

Jun 10, 2005 - IEEE Trans, on Information Theory, Sep. 1973, IT-19(5), 608-614. Kaveh, M.A. et al., “The Statistical Performance of the MUSIC and ...... the global SS7 network and includes the C, D, E, F, H, Gc, Gf. Gr, Lh, and Lg interfaces.

Apr 14, 2011 - d2) 960 mg (73% of theory) of this residue are dissolved in methanol (14 ml); .... perature (adjudged complete via GCMS). The chemical yield.

Mar 12, 2013 - Occipital NeuralgiaiEight Case Studies,” Neuromodulation,. (2006) vol. 9, N0. .... table Chronic Migraine Headache: ONSTIM Feasibility Study,”.

May 30, 2006 - The firmware or BIOS contains all the programming code required to ..... net, T1, T3, E1, E3, synchronous optical network (SONET) or other data ...

defining said curves in panoramic video, which rely on curve fitting techniques to ..... statistical estimation, under names such as “Occam's razor or “Bayesian ...

Feb 21, 2012 - Darahazi and Tokuda, “Cyclic voltammetry for reversible redox electrode reactions I thin-layer cells with closely separated working an auxiliary ...